How you can help us...

RAIN℠ solely depends on donations to help REALTORS® in need.

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How will the Corporation be funded?

Donations form REALTORS® as well as fund raising events, local boards, and any companies that are associated with the real estate industry.

How this will help REALTORS®?

A REALTORS® or immediate family or someone on their behalf, using a standard application form applies for aid based on lack of funds caused by a catastrophic event, illness, or accident. All sources of assistance should have been explored and exhausted and the situation is desperate.

What will be the process to obtain financial aid?

A confidential application would be completed and sent to the Board of Directors of RAIN℠. The application will be reviewed and RAIN℠ will determine if there will be any aid for assistance to be provided. If financial assistance is determined to be provided from the application, the applicant as well as vendors and/or service provider will be interviewed to obtain additional specific information.

How will distribution be made?

Payment is made to vendors or to service providers, not the individual.

What is the benefit amount?

The amount depends on the aid that is needed and approved by the RAIN Board of Directors.

Guidelines for Vendors and payments:

Guidelines will be a part of the corporate documents and operating policies and application for assistance. The intention is to assist with expenses related to, but not limited to: health, rehabilitation, nurses, doctors, medicine, and funerals. It is not intended to pay dues or business overhead. Specific guidelines are vital to a quick decision on an application.

To donate, mail your check to or click the donate link above:

RAIN Corporation
2020 Forest Glen Drive
Braselton, GA 30517

Thank you for your support for this gracious cause.
Betty B. Jones